Meet Our Honorable Director-The Torchbearer In Chief

An educationist, a psychologist, an entrepreneur, and a social activist working from within the society for the betterment of the society; Dr. Reena Sangwan is above all a woman of sheer substance. The embodiment of hope, the light of wisdom, and the avatar of new-age education system; she firmly believes in this adage, Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. She is Dr. Reena Sangwan; an eminent name in the field of education for almost two decades now. With her interests and achievements into various and sundry domains, she is a dynamic and versatile personality, who believes in changing the education system by her firm beliefs and ethos that have been working in the neuron nexus of her brain since the time she ventured into this field. She has been closely associated with many esteemed and prestigious educational institutions. Being the heart and soul of these institutions, she works towards the betterment of the society by empowering the students, who are the future of tomorrow’s education-rich society. Being a notable motivational speaker, and a well-renowned career and family counsellor, she believes that – An alphabet taught today is a word tomorrow, a word taught today is a sentence tomorrow, and a sentence taught today is a paragraph tomorrow. So, the knowledge given today is the wisdom tomorrow! She believes in making her pupils well-informed, who have the wisdom to propagate their education in the right direction.  A stalwart, she is the pillar on which the foundation of Atulya rests! 




An Experienced Campaigner - Proven Track Record

The Director, The Mentor, The Able Leader - Dr. Reena Sangwan

Dr. Reena Sangwan is a strong lady with a firm conviction that all women should have educational independence, because it gives them confidence, a sense of self worth and also positively impacts the attitude of those around her.

With 18+ years of proven track record, she started her glorious career path with the post of TGT for five years, PGT for five years, six years of Principal, and went on to prove her true leadership now in the form of the torchbearer for the new-age edupreneurs. She has proven herself as a mentor and has become a source of inspiration for many. 

Dr. Reena Sangwan, now holds a distinction for being a widely honored Board Member/Director of the Following Organizations of Repute 

· Honorary Board Member of Senior Secondary chain of schools

· Honorary Board Member of Global College of Technology and Management (Farukhnagar, Jhajjar, Gurugram)

· Honorary Board Member of Global College of Pharmacy (Farukhnagar, Jhajjar, Gurugram). 

· Director at Athulya International School, Rohini, Delhi

· Founder Trustee of Atulya Educational Trust

· National Coordinator - NISA

Dr. Reena Sangwan In 'Sarokar' On RSTV As An Honorary Guest



 NISA celebrated the International Literacy Day with World Reader and Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi. World Reader US Board Member Ms Liza Nitze, India Board Directors Mr Bhanu Potta and Mr Kulbhushan Sharma, President NISA and NISA Members Mr Sushil Dhankar, Mr Premchand Deswal, Mr Lakshya and Dr. Reena Sangwan graced the occasion. 

 World  reader and Pacific Mall have awarded the kindle to five toppers of NISA  schools. NISA extends its gratitude to World Reader and Pacific Mall.   

Another Proud Moment For ATULYANS

NORTH INDIA launch of WORLD READER from ATULYA premises.
NISA and World Reader at ATULYA International School Sector 23, Rohini. New Delhi.

World Reader US Board Member Ms Liza Nitze, India Board Directors Mr Bhanu Potta and Mr Pradeep Kumar, Mr. Kulbhushan Sharma, President NISA and NISA Members Mr Sushil Dhankar, Mr Premchand Deswal, Mr Lakshya and many other dignitaries and office bearers from Delhi, Haryana Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, etc. also graced the occasion. 

Atulya feeling great as part of Pilot Project of World Readers. 


FINLAND ACCLAIM - Certificate Of Merit

Dr. Reena Sangwan participated in the education visit organized by Hagga-Helia University of Applied Sciences 20-24 May 2018. 

As a representative of Athulya Girls International School, Ms. Sangwan has demonstrated interest and sound professional integrity towards developing the educational co-operation between Indian and Finnish educational institutions and students. 

ATULYA@NISA EVENT (Topic - National Education Policy)

Another Feather In The Glory Cap - SPORT INDIA 2019

Another chance to speak on my all time favorite topic.
Development of Girls; through Sports Education in India
Immensely a proud moment to interact with the galaxy of intellect on 23rd September in the biggest Sports event at Pragati Maidaan.